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By now, Marx had completely switched to the 54mm format for their playset figures. This also included their horses and steers. The Marx 54mm horses had sculpted on saddles and bridles. Previously, Marx made their horses bareback, but included rubber bridles and saddles. The four horses in the Rifleman set come in tan, cream, and brown.






There were eight steers included in the Rifleman set. This was a high number of cows for a Marx set. The early 60mm sets would always have only one or two cows. What is interesting is that there are six of the "skinny" longhorns and only two of Marx's standard steer (which by the way is the 54mm version of the old 60mm steer). The "skinny" longhorns are named this due to their bony appearance. They are not common Marx animals and a hard to find. They come in brown, black, cream, and tan.





The final additions to this set were a buckboard wagon with a 54mm wagon horse, outdoor ranch accessories, a tree, a cactus, lots of brown fence, and a sprue of small cowboy accessories.









Since I have already shown all the components to this set in the article content, the following is just a content listing. The pages following the content listing show the Rifleman Ranch playset set up for play. 

I used these sources to prepare for this article:

Plastic Figure & Playset Collector Magazine #38 (probably still available as a back issue from the publisher)

More Boys Toys-The Montgomery Wards Christmas Catalogs (available at Amazon etc)

The Marx Rifleman Playset that I own.



























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