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Rifleman Ranch #3998 Series 1000

Contents Listing


1. Box

2. The Rifleman, Lucas McCain, character figure in cream soft plastic

3. The Rifleman's son, Mark McCain, character figure in cream soft plastic

4. The Rifleman's rifle in cream

5. 27 Marx 54mm cowboys-9 poses in each set-2 sets in red-brown and 1 set in gray

6. Ranch front gate with Rifleman logo

7. 2 tin litho cabins

8. 12 sections of brown ranch fence

9. 4 54mm saddled Marx horses in three poses

10. 8 54mm steers in 3 poses

11. blue buckboard wagon with harness horse

12. one tree

13. one cactus

14. instruction sheet

15. 9 pieces of outdoor ranch accessories in gray, dark brown and light brown:

a. well

b. hand pump well

c. hitching post

d. ax in stump

e. forge

f. anvil on stump

g. rain barrel

h. log pile

i. grinding wheel

16. sprue of small cowboy accessories.