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April, 2006


I feel that I have to give an explanation as to why there is no new April issue. March 12, my house was hit by a tornado. It was part of the storms that generated a record 140+ tornados in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois.

As of today, April 28th, we are still waiting our turn in line for the roofers and contractors to make it to our house. As such, we still have months of rebuilding/reconstruction ahead of us.

I wanted to give my readers an update on what is happening. I also wanted to take the opportunity to post Bill Hamilton's new toy list, which is really great.

Before the tornado, I was working on the Marx Blue and Gray playset, and had several short articles planned. My playset collection had to be relocated and things are in a big mess. The only pictures that I have are of the Marx Blue and Gray playset contents.

I feel like my family and I have dealt with this latest irritation quite well. After all the other things that have happened to us lately, we have kind of shrugged this off.

I plan on trying to update the new issue gradually.

I also want to announce that I am planning on putting the back issues of this site on CD's and making them available for sale.

I hope that the readers will keep checking back in the next couple of months. I don't think that I'll be doing another issue for the indeterminate future, but will try to get the Blue and Gray issue up gradually.

I hope that I have improved the navigation of this web site. I have organized it just like a magazine or book: one page follows another. Of course, to jump ahead to whatever page you want, I have included a page listings navigation links.

I also take advantage of "thumbnails" for my pictures. Always place your mouse's pointer over a picture to see if it will hyperlink to a larger, more detailed picture.

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