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Playset of the Month-Page 5




-Page 5


The Playset As A Whole


When all the components of the playset are set up near and in the barn, the visual effect is most satisfying. The only complaint I have is that the tractor is too small and not in scale with the rest of the set.

I think that Marx should have included farmers and crops with all their farm sets, and the inclusion of such would have greatly increased the appearance and playability of this toy. The omission of the human element in the farmers really hurts the feel of the set. There is a kind of eerie feeling that the cow is forlornly looking for its master, and that the farm is abandoned (well, I guess you can count the tractor driver!)  Marx did have farmers and crops available at the time this playset was released, but chose to sell them separately.

It should be noted that the Montgomery Ward farm set did have the farmers, but did not have the silo or the extra farm implements.


Playset Contents Listing

1. Barn with metal track

2. Silo

3. Tractor

4. Plow

5. Harrow

6. Wagon

7. Stone Sled

8. Corn Row Planter

9. Scoop

10. Snow Plow

11. Three connectors

12. Mower

13. Manure Spreader

14. Lime Spreader

15. Cart

16. Disk

17. Hay Rake

18. Standing Cow

19. Reclining Cow

20. Calf

21. Standing Horse

22. Colt

23. Adult Pig

24. Two Piglets

25. Pig Trough

26. Lamb

27. Sheep

28. Goat

29. Rooster



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